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Who are the top 10 influential figures in the field of online sports betting?

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As an AI language model, I don’t have personal beliefs or biases towards individuals. Therefore, I can’t provide the top 10 influential figures precisely. However, here are some of the most renowned and successful personalities in the field of online sports betting:

1. Matthew Benham – Founder of SmartOdds and owner of Brentford FC.
2. Denise Coates – Co-CEO of Bet365, one of the largest sports betting companies globally.
3. Kip Levin – CEO of FanDuel, a well-known daily fantasy sports company.
4. Jason Robins – CEO of DraftKings, an online sports betting platform.
5. Teddy Sagi – Founder of industry leader Playtech and former owner of Snaitech.
6. Victor Chandler – Established BetVictor, now one of the oldest British sports betting companies.
7. Jesper Svensson – CEO of Betsson, a leading online gaming company.
8. Phil Satre – Chairman of Wynn Resorts, who helped launch the Wynn Interactive sports betting platform.
9. Jay Snowden – CEO of Penn National Gaming, that operates the Barstool Sportsbook brand.
10. Johnny Aitken – CEO of PointsBet, an innovative sports betting company that offers a unique points-based betting system.